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French cartoon about ghosts

It’s a colored cartoon about ghosts and I think it was in French with a Russian dub. There were ghosts who were messing with a guy and he put traps for them on the bridge. The part that I remember well is that there were two guys who traveled to the graveyard on the boat, then found a grave of a beautiful woman. Her ghost torso was sticking out from the grave and she had a bare breast. The two guys carried her grave with the ghost to the ship while fighting who she likes more. I watched it on VHS in late 90s or yearly 2000s.

Boy and girl holding a sphere run away from dressed up men

Kindly help me remember a movie where there are a boy and a girl who hold a sphere which has a city inside of it (which I am not sure about) and they try to run away from men dressed up in scary suits and they speak a weird language.  I only remember once scene where they are at a construction site of sorts trying to run away. I watched the movie either in late 90s or early 2000s on VHS with English audio and Russian dub.

3 schoolboys unite to fight against a bully

Hi! Could you please help me remember a movie where there are 3 boys who want to get back at the bully who was bigger and stronger than they were and always meeses with them. The fat boy was at the school’s showers and the bully made him go to the hall and then he activated a fire alarm so everyone ran out to the place where the fat boy was lying on the ground crying and trying to cover himself. The skinny boy was riding a bike and the bully suddenly threw a trash can at him so the boy fell off and was injured. The third boy grabbed an automatic knife that opens with a push of a button and wanted to threaten the bully together with the other boys but accidentally stabbed the bully. I watched the movie on TV either in the late 90s or early 2000s. It was in English dubbed in Russian

Depressive movie about people living with robots/androids

Please help me find a movie showing people living with robots, one guy mentions a pleasure model. The people might be half robots/androids because I remember a lot of bleeding oil when damaged after an attack. There was a scene on the balcony. The protagonist was a man. The ending was sad, I think it was the first time I saw a movie with a sad ending and was shocked. Strangely I remember the movie mostly if not entirely having full shots meaning we usually see the whole body of a person in the shot. I have watched it in the late 90s or early 2000 on TV. I think the original was in English and it had a bad dub in Russian. That is all I can remember.