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Scary Santa-Claus movie from 90s

Hi all, I watched this on a TV some afternoon in the 90s. I think it was aimed for teenagers, yet it freaked me out a bit.

One protagonist was a man playing Santa Claus in the stores. At some point he enters the train and he is alone in the wagon, apart from a single passenger in a hat, face invisible. He says sth like “I don’t want to end up alone” and some creepy voice answers “you already did” and the single passenger turns out to be a skeleton :O Both phases were not exactly like that in English, as I watched it dubbed.

Another scene I remember is when he was on duty playing Santa Claus, he asks a boy on his lap “what is your name” to which the boy rudely answers “Jack the Ripper, you fat man!” and tears his fake beard off. Another boy then runs home yelling that “[Name] torn Santa Claus beard off!”.

Long shot, I am aware 🙂 Thanks everyone!

Super battery

hi! I have been breaking my head about this:

searching for a movie, I only remember that there is a small battery, hidden inside a toy-puppet, sort of lego figure. Inside there is a powercell that has enough energy to power up big citys. Two people designed the powercell, one good guy that has it now. And one person that wanted to sell it to ‘bad’ people. In the end it gets blown up in a helicopter (it was stolen by some bad guys).






Weird Russian movie in remote village with old women

I’m already wondering for years what this movie was called like:

It is a Russian movie
It starts in a bar with a man talking with the bartender
There is a very long scene of a girl walking next to a fence
The girl visits a remote village with a lot of old women
There is a barn with piggs
The old women drink a lot of alcohol and even get naked at some point
There is little dialogue in the movie
I saw the movie in 2008-2009 or something but it might have been much older

I would really love to know what the tittle is.  Thank you so much for helping.