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just looking for the right movie

Animated series about a school with monsters as teachers and humans as students

I don’t remember if the teachers were all really monsters but what i do remember is that there were four main kids:one was a red head boy, a blond girl, a goth girl, and a boy who was black and i think he wore glasses. The red head boy wore his hat backwards. The blond girl wore her hair in a ponytail and i think her dress was pink. The cartoon was also dubbed in hindi. I do remember this one episode in pieces where there is a monster disguised as a teacher and you can only see his reflection as a monster and a teacher in the wheelchair and the blond girl try to expose him. I am pretty sure the school is supposed to be like a boarding school. I saw this show on cartoon network. The year was i think 2009 or 2008.

Animated movie about a nail being hammered into the world.

t was an animated movie and i think it was aired on cartoon network. The villain was trying to hammer a giant nail into the world to destroy it. It was anime movie..i think. The animation stye was familiar to an anime movie. The hero was blond and wore a white and blue suit and there was also a girl who wore a pink andwhite suit. I think i saw it in somewhere between 2009-2012 i don’t really remember.