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Crazy love between a guy and a girl in an abandoned house

A color movie, presumably in English, which was shown on television in the very early 2000s.

The plot of the film is as follows: a guy runs away from his wedding and steals an expensive open top car. Then he meets a girl and tells her that the police are looking for him, allegedly for the murder of his bride. The guy and the girl settle in an abandoned dilapidated house, they are very in love with each other and behave like crazy, for example, the girl said “It’s time to wash the dishes” and instead threw the dishes out the window. And the guy stole a little baby somewhere and dragged it into the house so that they would have a child and, as it were, “they had a family,” so the girl had to take the guy’s white shirt and swaddle the baby. At the end, the police find the guy and kill him for resisting arrest, after which it turns out that the guy was deceiving the girl and he was wanted not for murder, but for stealing a car.