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Girl (Katie) Gets Attacked By Lab Rats

I remember watching this film in the Sci-Fi channel back in 2005. It showed a teenager girl named Katie being cornered and attacked by this man in black coat with supernatural powers by pulling her without touching her. With his powers he shoved Katie’s head into a cage full of white lab rats, and with a biting gesture from the black coated man, the lab rats started running towards her.

In the meanwhile, two of Katie’s friends were escalating up the (school?) stairs and by the time they arrived, they were too late. On the floor they found Katie alive, but her eyes were bloodied, and she couldn’t speak because her mouth was bloodied too.

Does anybody know this film?


Introvert Stalkery Boy Pretends To Be A Couple’s Dead Son Only It Turns Out They’re Really Crazy

Color and modern movie.


The movie is about a boy who volunteers/works at a library or bookstore. There is a couple that comes in and he kind of stalks them. They lost their son and treat him like he is theirs. He pretends to be their son and thinks this is some therapy for all of them (he’s a needy clinger and they’re grieving parents)…only no the parents are really fucked up. They try to make him be like their son and cripple him like their son was crippled. It all leads to him lashing out that he is not their son so the mother freaks out and decides he needs to be reborn again. It’s revealed they have done this several times with other boys. She buries him in the backyward or frontyard. There’s also some girl he has a weird friendship with who later comes on and saves him by digging him up out of the hole they buried him in. For some horror movie cliche reason the two decide to hide in the house with the crazy parents. The mother goes outside and sees the grave dug up and her crazy self assumes that the rebirthing finally worked. So she and the dad search the house for her son.

Exorcist movie

Okay, so I lost all of my bookmarks since I had to uninstall and reinstall Chrome due to it crashing and I lost all of my bookmarks which are replaced by years old ones. :/ I had the movie bookmarked and everything.

In the movie, I remember there’s a girl and she gets possessed. I remember she lives with her mom and she calls upon these 2 women, the one woman is more main character and is a child psychologist or something. I remember there’s a song in the beginning playing when the exorcist takes place and then later when they go to see the girl who’s possessed. She is able to play it without touching it and the song plays loudly while she’s painting in the basement. I don’t even really recall the words to the song now. The movie should only be a few years old, nothing from the 80’s or 90’s or early millennium. Oh! and at the end, the woman psychologist person is the one who is possessed, it shows her husband or boyfriend looking at her. Then he discovers the look on her face and you see it’s demonic or something and it ends with the woman putting a pillow over the baby’s head or something since she possessed next then it cuts to the credits with the aforementioned song.