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80s cartoon movies

I’m trying to recall three (or maybe four) cartoon movies from the 80s or early 90s. I think they were all directed at children and may have aired on the Disney channel in the US during that time. I have limited recollections of each of them but I’ll provide what I can:

1. In the first one, a girl was sleeping alone in some kind of mansion or castle. Someone (a guy) says in reference to her something like, “Sweet dreams. They will be your last.” Later, in the next scene involving her, she is chained to a rooftop spire or weathervane in a lightning storm. I don’t recall anything else.

2. In the next one, a bunch of anthropomorphic kids’ toys get separated from their child “owner” and need to traverse the city to find him again. I think because they were forgotten in a move? The main character was something like a blanket I think, and may have referred to the kid as “master?” At one point the toys are in the city and are confronted by traffic lights and buildings in some menacing way that appeared to tell the toys to go away, or something? Not too much to go on. SOLVED! (The Brave Little Toaster)

3. The last one might be the same movie or two different ones. It involves a bunch of mice or rats that have some kind of adventure but I don’t remember the purpose of it. There’s a cat antagonist (of course) who at some point gets captured by I think a dog and put into some kind of cooking pot and told to “shut up and stew!”

At the very end, a middle aged man who I think had a beard looks down at whatever imitation of civilization the mice/rats have created and says in a wistful tone, “Be happy” and walks off into the night. I think that’s part of the same film but might not have been. I originally thought this was Rats of NIMH but I wasn’t able to find either of those scenes in it. SOLVED! (The Mouse and His Child)