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Alien/Robot Movie?? HELP

Alright bear with me here.

I’ve asked everyone I know if they know this movie and they look at me like I’m crazy.


  • I don’t remember when I watched this but I had to have been quite young.
  • It was in English as far as I remember.
  • It was in color.

I think the movie was in the 1980’s or 1990’s. I remember there were two brothers that shared a bunk bed, the older on the bottom bunk and the younger on the top.

Here are the only two scenes I remember:

1. A woman ( I’m guessing the two brother’s mom ), told the older brother to get up, the older brother mumbled something from under the sheets ( he wasn’t revealed ) and the woman got mad at him for it.

She walked away and the covers fell down or got yanked off in a dramatic fashion to reveal a white/tan blob thing trying to take the form of the older brother. Maybe he wasn’t trying to take the brothers form but I do remember a weird looking human sized blob with facial features.


2. This second scenes setting was at night, in the two brother’s bedroom. The younger brother woke up and looked over the foot of the top bunk to his desk which his older brother was sitting at, next to a window. The older brother however, took his head off to reveal electrical buttons and gears. He was fixing a bug or something I don’t know.

The younger brother gasped or said something I can’t remember. All I remember is that the “older brother” turned around while fixing his head and then told him to go back to bed.

“It’s just a dream” he said.



That’s all I remember, I’m pretty sure they were brothers. I’m starting to think it wasn’t a movie, TV show or a YouTube video and just a real strange dream I had. If anyone knows anything PLEASE let me know, I’ve wondered for years.


Perhaps it was an episode of Star Trek? Or perhaps it doesn’t exist at all.

Sorry I don’t have any more info.


Help please! Thanks.