Asian movie/show

Ok! So I am not sure if this was a movie or a TV show (although I’m pretty sure it was a movie).  It was either Korean or Japanese.
Anyways, I can’t really remember the beginning, but it has a daughter and crazy looking mother. The mother and father live in a house full of garbage, and all they do all day is sleep. Eventually we find out the reasons as to why the house was full of garbage. Apparently the grandmother passed away in the attic, and in order to mask the smell of her body, they just kept piling garbage in the house.
Towards the end of the movie, the daughter is going to star in a porno film about a mother x daughter. Unbeknownst to the daughter, her actual mother is a porn star. So, when the daughter arrives to the set, she is shocked to see her mother there (and vice versa). The daughter eventually agrees to still go through with the shoot, whereas the mother does not. And in the end the mother burns down her house (with her husband inside).
That’s pretty much all I can remember from it.

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