Asian Ghost Romance Film

So I once watched this asian movie, not sure of the year of the movie cause we watched it at a cinema that featured old movies, but its colored, I think somewhere around 2009 or 2010… The movie starts by showing a bouquet of flowers placed on a highway that represent a car accident of two doctors who where a couple…  the cause of the accident was their argument about a picture hidden in the car that the male doctor slept with another woman, and so the ghost killed that other woman… The female doctor that died stalked her lover, scaring away the nurses that flirted with him… but one of the nurses fell in love with him and ignored the ghost… she found out that he was still attached to the ghost, he has a large painting of her at the wall and places flowers at the area of the accident… one day the male doctor had another accident and was on the verge of dying, the nurse told the ghost that she would not let go off him… …. that’s all I can remember, help please =)…

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