Anthology movie possibly from early 2000s

I caught the end of a movie on the IFC channel around 2008 or so. The movie must’ve been an anthology and I caught the last two stories. One involves a group of young Americans traveling through the desert probably in the middle east.  They’re in a jeep I believe and they run over a little boy. There’s a group of desert nomads or bowdoins who surround them.  One American woman from the group stays behind while the rest of them drive to find the authorities to help deal with the matter. As they’re driving away one of the desert nomads pulls out a dagger and stabs and kills the woman. The desert nomads apparently think that the woman is being offered as a sacrifice to repay for the death of the boy. Whereas the Americans had thought they were just leaving the woman behind as a sign of goodwill.  The next scene is set in a park and there’s a nude black man and a nude white women who are supposed to be Adam and Eve. They walk out of the park which may be in London or some other big city possibly Central Park in New York City and they were immediately surrounded by modern photographers and people I believe possibly journalists who start hounding them. I don’t remember what happens after that. The feel of the movie  was something like maybe a Terrence Malick film.

I’d really appreciate it if anybody knew the title of this movie. Thank you!

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