Another teen party movie

The movie I’m trying to remember is another typical party movie. The scenes I can remember are:

there was a party, but it was going to be all guys and a girl was thinking about going. Her friend told her it was a bad idea because it was going to be a sausage fest. The scene then proceeded to define sausage fest and there were hotdogs and sausages flying all over the screen to give a good visual.

In another scene, people were doing cocaine and partying. A guy says the est way to test if a girl is onto you or just your stash, ask her if you can take a line from her breasts. When he did this, the girl screams for the party host and he guy got kicked out.

The final scene I remember is be ending. A girl is just rambling on to this guy and won’t stop talking, so he stands in front of her, u zips his pants, and she goes down on him and is still talking.

This is all I can remember. I anyone watched this or have an idea of what it is, please advise. Thanks to you all

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