Another 1970s TV Horror

I thought I had found all of my elusive movie memories except for the ghost knight show, but then I remembered another one. I remember I was at the babysitters house and saw a short snippet of what I think was an episodic supernatural themed show. In the brief clip I saw there was a small group of ghostly looking men pushing a gurney or a coffin down a hallway in slow motion. It was in color and looked like it was shot on film, not video tape like the other one. I saw this on U.S. TV in the mid to late 70s. It seemed like it may have been an episode of a series, thank you.

4 thoughts on “Another 1970s TV Horror

  1. I think I’ve found it. It seems to be this episode of. “The Sixth Sense” (1972 TV series) called ‘Five Women Weeping’. It doesn’t match up perfectly with my memories of it, the ghost men are walking when I remembered them running in slow motion and pushing the coffin on a wheeled cart, but I think this has to be it. I was a small child when I saw this and memories can be hazy. I found the episode on YouTube in 4 parts and posted part 1 below. The scene I remember starts at about 11:20. This one can be marked solved.

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