Animated very adult film I rented

When I was a child I was discovering anime and when we went to the movie rental store I would pick out animated things and cartoons. I happened upon one that I THINK had tokyo in the name but it was animated and it was a time where anything animated was considered child friendly. I very much was not.

I ended up watching it alone and it involved demonic rituals, sacrificing naked people in pentagrams, a witch of some sort who made love to a guy’s corpse to revive him after he was killed, and a huge fight in the city I think where the guy was a giant lion? fighting a giant demon. It was very much not a thing I should have seen at that age and might have influenced how I am today but I simply cannot locate the name of this movie just to find out just how bad it may have been for me as a kid. Those rental places sure were slack back then…

This happened sometime probably in the late 90s, if it helps. The movie is likely much older though.

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  1. This is probably wrong, but it could possibly be Doomed Megalopolis. It has “adult” content, similar to what you describe, but it is a four episode mini-series rather than a movie as such (totalling a bit less than 3 hours) and it doesn’t have “Tokyo” in it’s name but I think the individual episodes do.

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