Animated movie with a crazy bird



I don’t have many details. I probably saw this movie in the late 90’s early 2000’s. It was an animated movie and I have scoured lists of movies online to find it, but I can’t. From what I remember the movie was pretty trippy had very bright and vibrant colors. I specifically remember they being a really loud annoying bird that would pop up and sing a crazy song every now and again. The song didn’t have any words and the bird basically just yelled gibberish in beat with the music. It took place in a rain forest. I am not certain about this part but I think that the main character or characters got to the jungle place on an iceberg or something. Please help!

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  1. no, Kevin doesn’t sing.

    you are looking for The Aracuan, from Disney’s Donald Duck vehicle, “The Three Caballeros”

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