Animated Movie or TV show Definitely not for kids

I saw this bit of animation when I was very young I must have been 6- 7 years old and that was 14-13 years ago.

This is what I remember form the beginning,

Women is having a shower and someone busts into the house saying something they women then runs out to get in her ship that is docked on a cliff (the ship is green) and the planet gets destroyed or something,

and then it flashes forward to a bar where there is this warlord/gang boss dude who can regenerate thanks to this serum he drinks and the chick is looking for him for some reason and his ship is being moved into some sort of warp system or mass driver and she flys her beat up ship in and locks in with a tractor beam between two support beams on the guys ship  and the boss dude notices this and sends a ship out after there are in the warp tunnel thing and the chick shoots down the ship and it crashes into the side of the warp tunnel throwing the ships out and they crash onto a planet.

Movie or show was for adults I remember nipples and the like

this is all I remember thanks for any help guys!

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