Animated Kids Movie (Atlantis?)

Each night, this city (for some reason I have it in my head as “Atlantis” though that may not be the case) is covered by a dome to protect them. The princess hates this idea, but the King is being manipulated by his advisor (a short/dark-haired Male) and orders her to remain in the city at nightfall.

One night, she sneaks out and ends up meeting an outsider, who explains what a sunset is to her. Something along the lines of “And as the sun dips into the sea…”. She leaves, realising that the dome is about to close. Eventually she falls in love with him.

Later on in the movie, she has to find the four crystals (fire, earth, air, and water- the last of which is behind a waterfall). When finding the water crystal, she gets caught by the advisor who takes her to a cave.

When the outsider arrives, the advisor uses the crystals to torture him before leaving.

Last seen: approx 10 yeas ago. On DVD.

Movie type: Animated

Language: English

Movies it isn’t:

– Atlantis: The Lost Empire

– Atlantis: Milo’s Return

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    1. Thank you for your submissions! I’ve just checked and unfortunately it’s not them. Please take care!

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