Ancient Asian military movie with love story

I watched part of this movie when I was 9/10, that puts it being released between 92 & 94.

it also means my memory is not concrete on this but it was disturbing & lingers in my mind.

I’d love to find it and put it to rest, as watching it as an adult would be far less distressing.


The story is of  a group of ancient Asian soldiers, and a princess who wore a large metal chastity belt. It is set in either a series of caves underground or a castle with creepy low ceilings. Also the Aesthetic of the sets and scenery seem to somehow evokes thoughts of the original star trek.

A scene I remember is the princess girl disrobes and climbs into a bathtub with lots of bubbles. A soldier who is meant to guard her gigglingly climbs in behind her and using something to reach over to a hook, retrieves the keys to her chastity belt.

I don’t recall what happens there but I don’t think it was explicit.

The next scene I recall is that soldier being caught and taken and tied to a table of some kind and himself being put into a metal belt with a hole in the penile area. Then I recall someone coming toward him with a  sickle blade and then I ran away from the tv room.

This has genuinely bothered me for years & if anyone could help I’d be so grateful.

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