An ugly creature claiming a baby soul

Hi all

I hope this time someone could help me with the movie I’m looking for.

I’ve watched the movie in late nineties but not sure about the production year, the film was about a cursed creature who steal babies and provide them as a sacrifice, a witch turned him into stone, and he shall be break free from the spell by a tear from a mother with an orphan child of hers, her husband was a cop and was killed while she was pregnant, then she was looking at her child and said l waish your father is here to see you (or so) and a tear dropped off on that stone and break the spell free, the creature made her wish come true, then started to claim the baby, the mother start running for her child’s life and the creature was following her killing every body in his way, finally the creature was cursed again by the fire of the straw.

Please help me to remember that movie, thank you.

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