An Angel Falls In Love

I’ve seen this movie ages ago. It was french black and white movie from the 60’s. Could be a french new wave movie. There was an angel who fell in love with a girl. Also I think I remember but not sure, is that she tried to commit suicide and he saves her. It was winter time, there was snow outside. And there was a scene at some house party maybe. My memory about that part is fuzzy, but for sure it was french and about an angel in love.

4 thoughts on “An Angel Falls In Love

  1. Sounds quite a bit like “The Angel and the Woman” (“L’Ange et la Femme”) even if that is from the 70’s rather than the 60’s.

    1. Hey Dreamer! That is the movie! Thanks! Actually I managed to find it by myself after an hour and a half searching the internet and imdb. Wish I checked if someone else replied earlier. I just saw admins reply about Wings of Desire. LoL. Yeah, I don’t know why I thought it was late 60’s. Probably because it was black and white. And I saw it once, 15 years ago. It turns out it was Canadian movie from the 70’s and not French New Wave from the 60’s. Probably why I had hard time finding it. Thanks once again! And happy New Year. 🙂

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