An 80s animated film with a trippy can of cat food or tuna…

This animated film was done I think in the 70s or early 80s, the only thing I can recall about it that I can put to any kind of words would be (possibly underwater) there is a can of either cat food or tuna where it zooms into the picture on the label which contains an image of the label itself and it keeps zooming into itself perpetually (the label on the label on the label etc) like when you put two mirrors side by side. I think it was shown on the Disney channel in the 80s and it may have involved some birds and a caterpillar… but I’m not entirely sure. Been bugging me for years if anyone has any ideas. Cheers.

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  1. It was a can of Bonzo dog food, and beyond the last visible dog lies infinity. The film is ‘The Mouse and His Child’, based on the book by Russell Hoban. I watched the hell out of it when I was a kid and it’s still a favorite.

    1. I’m right there too, Been looking for this film for a long time … i found one called Nausica that i remembered from childhood but this one’s been a mystery until right now … thank you so much.

    1. HOLY HELL! Thank god for you two! I have been haunted by this film for something like 20 years! I asked SO MANY of my friends though college and after: “did any of you see a movie when you were kids that had this dog good can in it? And there’s this guy at the end that tells you ‘don’t be sad’? That’s all I got, ring any bells?” And countless friends of mine have looked at me like I was crazy. I got to thinking I dreamed the damn thing up! My parents of course couldn’t remember the entire gauntlet of animated films they had shown me when I was a kid, so they didn’t know what the hell I was talking about…..oh my god, I can’t believe I typed this in tonight and found this message board.
      Thank you, I literally feel like a 20 year itch has been scratched!

      1. I just looked it up, and perhaps the damn reason I never found out what it was, was because I had the only line I remembered incorrect. I always thought the guy said “Don’t be sad.”, buts it’s (as you know) “Be happy”.
        WHAT A TRIPPY FILM! Like I said: I’m just glad I didn’t make the whole thing up.

      2. OMG! Me too! I have asked and searched for the name of this movie for years!!! That can of dog food in a can of dog food image as stayed with me for over 30 years! I can’t believe I now know the name of this movie and I can’t wait to watch it again! I think I am going to cry!

  2. THANK YOU!! Been bugging me for 30 some years. All I remembered was a repeating tuna can (actually the dog food can) and two dogs dogs (the two mice and the dog on the can I guess). About 15 years ago I rented Ragedy Ann and Andy and a bunch of other old kids movies, trying to find this but never did. My friends thought I was crazy. The Droste Effect is what the repeating dog food label is called.Found that about 5 years ago. Interesting how the dog food can is the memory that stucks with a number of folks who barely remember this movie. That must have been mind blowing for a 6 year old. Well actually yes it was.

  3. I was so confused about why this was already marked Solved until I realized that this post is almost 2 years old. Hee hee! (Glad it’s still helping folks).

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