Alien/worm movie

I don’t remember when it came out but I remember details of a movie but not sure if it was.

1. A city/state is controlled by aliens and is surrounded by a wall.

2. A group of people are put in a cell by an alien/modified human in a suit.

3. The group consists of (not sure on this detail) two girls and two guys.

4. alien/modified human in the suit opens the cell and leaves food but the group does not know it is made of human flesh.

5. One of the guys gets sick, a girl realizes the food is human flesh, alien/modified human takes the sick guy out of the cell and he becomes one of the modified humans

6. Cuts to a scene were women are tied up and are having babies.

7. The group stops eating the food, they make a plan to escape, when they grab the modified human they find out it was the guy who got sick, a girl escapes

8. She finds a hole in the wall and runs away, she finds a house and hides there, another girl is hiding there, they come up with a plan to kill the aliens/modified humans, one of the guys takes the drug, they kiss and travel back to wall, they both enter and are captured.

9. There is a guy who is infected but seems to be strong talks to the girl and they kiss passing on the drug.

10. The other girl dies from worms in her which traveled from the guy who looks infected.

11. End scene shows a girl dead, her stomach area has worms and the worms are dieing ending the movie.

Thanks in advance if this is a real movie!

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