Action movie with minigun mounted inside van

I saw this movie (or TV movie) in early-mid 90s, on my local TV channel. I think it was made in late 80s. It was definetely US made, and it was action film. Main hero was white average looking man. He was probably Viatnam war veteran/or homeless (like Rambo). His buddy was tall white heavily build (fat) bearded man who was also illegal gun runner. The key point that I remember that the fat man had minivan with minigun (GE M134 gatling machinegun) concealed inside, and he nicknamed this minigun as “weapon of mass destruction”. Main hero wanted to borrow the van, but the fat man initially refused. But in the end he helped, using the minigun to gun down large amounts of criminals (?).

4 thoughts on “Action movie with minigun mounted inside van

    1. Thanks, but it`s not the case. I saw Tango and Cash many times and custom SUV with side-mounted faux Vulcan cannon doesnt match the movie I searching.

      And before anyone comment – its not Last Action Hero either. Because there was van with concealed short barreled minigun, but its also dont match.

      Also, I looked through list of films with M134 minigun on imfdb, and also found nothing.

    1. Sadly its not the case too. In “The Jackal” the eponymous villain uses single barreled Browning M2HB mocked up as “ZPU-33”.

      The movie I was looking specifically had multiple barreled gatling type machinegun, so M134 Minigun or at least faux minigun.

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