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I came across this site while searching for an old movie that I seen when I was younger, but I can’t remember the title of it.

I seen the movie in 1997 on VHS.

From what I can remember, the film is a sequel to a movie that starts where the previous movie ends.  It opens with the main character running through the jungle into a feild to catch a helicopter, which ends up leaving him behind.   He hears enemy soldiers approach him from behind and he turns to face them and unsheathes a Katana.

The movie then switches to focus on the present.  The main characters son is kidnapped by men that are linked to the individual that stranded the main character in the jungle.  They hold his son hostage because the main character returns to America.  The rest of the movie pretty much turns into a typical action movie where the main character finds all of the bad guys and rescues his son.

I believe the movie was possibly made in the 80’s or early 70’s as I recall the main characters son was riding a 100cc 1980 Yamaha Atv when he was kidnapped. The main character also wears the sword that I mentioned throughout the movie.  It also may have potentially been called Jungle Strike, or Jungle Assault 2.  My searches have note revealed anything, though I think the movie had the word Jungle in the title.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Hmm, there is a film called Jungle Assault, but i don’t think that it matches what you describe all that well. The description sounds closer to Blind Fury although it is still far from a perfect match, Still, it has the katana, the jungle with the helicopter in the past and the son under threat of kidnapping in the present so it seems worth mentioning in case you are misremembering some details.

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