Action Movie

This movie is about a man in prison who a group of people let out and they train him to be a contract killer, A woman was a part of the group or like she is the leader or she is in charge of him in particular , there is a scene in the movie where the man was dangling from the window and she burnt his hand with the cigarette she was smoking, as if she was testing him to see if he would let go or hold on or to just torture him, there is also a scene where he and the woman was on the beach and a part where he was fixing the furniture in the apartment that he rented. Don’t remember the name of the movie.

3 thoughts on “Action Movie

    1. No it’s not it, I wish I could give a more detailed description but that’s all I can remember, I don’t think the actress in it is that popular like Angelina Jolie or Michele Pfeiffer etc

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