Action / Material arts movie about a super-power-giving tattoo

It was about 14 or so years ago, so I might not remember it well.

I believe

  • It was in color
  • The graphics were relatively modern for its time
  • It was played by Asian characters, as in Chinese or Japanese people
  • The villain could get back his youth by absorbing other people’s vitality, aka rendering them old or outright killing. All he had to do was to touch them.

The scene I remember well was when the villain landed on the top of the MC(?) and absorbed the tattoo on his back which made him even more powerful than before. It was around the end of the movie, the final fight kind of thing.

Afterward, the hopeless MC realized he didn’t need the tattoo to kick the villain ass and started doing all kinds of physic defining moves and beat him.

I hope this is enough.

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    1. WHOA, I never thought I would find it again. Thank you very much, you single handily made my day 🙂

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