About 90’s ghost movies

Hello everyone, i hope you can help me. I’m from Italy so please excuse me for my errors in this text.

Anyway i’m looking for a movie, maybe a TV movie, i’ve seen this movie a sunday afternoon about 15/20 year ago. In Italy we have at cinema or in TV only dubbed film so i don’t have idea about the original language, but i’m pretty sure was english. When i have seen the movie i was about 10 years old so i don’t thik was a very scary or horror movie. Unfortunately i only remember the last scene of this movie: a ghost woman say (looking at the camera) “Remember”. She is in front of a house between trees. I’m pretty sure that before this scene a police man say to main character something like “now is finish, everything is fine” and they go away together.

I’m so sorry but i don’t remember anything else… Maybe the burned house? But i’m not sure. I beleive that was an 90’s movie because i’ve seen it max in summer of year 2000/2001. I’m sure was a color film because i never likes black and white movies. I hope you can finally help me to find this movie! Thanks a lot.

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