A weird 3d animated movie about a pink cyborg girl

i have a small but somehow very vivid memory of a movie i watched when i was in elementary school. I believe it was sometime in 2008 or 2009, maybe 10. It was a 3D film set in the future, or something of that sort. I remember one of the main characters being a pink haired cyborg girl who gets taken care of by another human girl. At some point in the movie, I think they go to some research lab or some abandoned building or something like that. The point is, I remember one particular scene where the human girl has to remove bullets from the cyborg girl’s back since they got ambushed. The rest is kind of hazy but somewhere towards the end, a giant titan or a robot or something crushes the cyborg girl and the human girl drags the upper half of the cyborg’s body to safety while the robot titan thing rampages. The last bit i remember is someone getting shot at the very end, but thats pretty much it. This has been bothering me for years

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