a supernatural movies I can’t remember


This movie is about a family of teenagers and their dad is in a “coma-like state”. They are some sort of warlocks, not sure if it’s right, but the more they use their power, I think either the power will take control of them, or they’ll run out of it. After hitting 18, they need to do some sort of ritual, but not sure, as I watched it a good 6-8 years ago. The movie starts with them getting in a car chase with police, then they go towards a canyon and “jump” with the car. The police stops, but then they suddenly appear behind the police car and keep on going, while the police is watching. I think they were 3 or 4 , but at some point in the movie, another one appears that’s “not part of them” technically, and forces their oldest brother to fight, because apparently they threatened one of their GFs (some sort of spell that made weird roots across her face). Also whenever any of them used magic, everyone would feel it. If I remember right, the oldest always was cautious about using magic, youngest always used it and another one was trying to stop them from fighting. At the end of the movie, the oldest had to fight the new guy, and while he was losing quite hard, their mother spoke with their dad, even tho he was in a coma, she asked to give him his power (he’d die because his power was the only one keeping him alive) so well, the oldest got his dad’s powers which made him pretty much win the fight.

Hope that helps.

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