A sex comedy from ’80s

This is the comedy from 80s which I’m trying to find for a long time. I roughly remember the plot.

The guy escapes from his home and comes to a big city and he looks for a job. He starts a job as sex partner to a girl on the live peep show, where people pays to watch them having sex. I remember the scene where he meets his partner for the first time, she is sexy and half naked, and when she sits down in his lap, he got the orgasm in his pants.

Working as a partners, they fall in love in each other, and start living together. They have a small flat in the building which has airplanes fly over all the time, so they cannot sleep properly. I remember the quote when she asks him to be intimate, then he says that they have sex every day on the work. Then she replies that they do have sex at the work, but at home she wants to make love.

Later in the movie the guy is invited to be a guest in the public tv debate when he realizes that another guest is his father, a priest. Then he finds some kinky fetish mask and put it on his face to be under covered.

If anyone can help, that would be great.



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