A scene with a giant ear hanging on a clothesline

I watched this scene from a movie (it could also be a TV series) on TV between 2000-2004, most likely on a Danish channel – however, I did not understand the language spoken in the movie, so it can’t have been Danish.

I only watched this one scene where a kid is home alone (or the only one up) and sees a giant ear hanging on the clothesline. The ear moves along the clothesline a little bit. Soon after, it is gone. The ear makes its way into the house and the kid grabs a baseball bat. In a hallway it crawls straight towards the kid and crawls under the rug the kid is standing on and continues into what I remember as a bedroom. Here, the kid swings the bat and manages to hit the ear, which is subsequently launched into the bedroom wall. The ear then transforms into the face of a toddler and starts talking to kid. I recall the lighting in the bedroom being blue.

As it has been a long time since I was this scene, some of the details may not be totally accurate. I can’t tell you what the genre of the movie is, although it was pretty scary when I watched it as a child.

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