A scene where a girl thinks she’s killed someone so her friend ‘kills’ them again so they don’t know…

…who did it

It’s more likely a movie than a TV show, but I just remembered this scene where a girl and her friend are running away from something (I believe) and I think she hits someone with a car, or someone goes after her in an alley, and she hits him with something, and he looks dead, so the boy that she’s with “double kills him” if you will, so that they won’t know which of them actually killed him. It’s really bugging me, and I know that’s a really vague description, but any help would be much appreciated! I think I saw the movie a couple of years ago at most, but I’m not sure if that is also the year that it came out. I remember thinking that the guy was the best friend any girl could ask for, and he might die at the end of the film to save her, I’m not sure (and as I think about it, this wasn’t a Terminator film, at least I don’t think so). Anyway, thanks to anyone who drives themselves as crazy as me trying to figure this out!

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