A movie with a demon monster a sorcerer and a small town sheriff

I watched this film maybe when I was twelve so early 2000s on the Scifi channel. This film must be from the eighties or nineties it could also be the late seventies but I doubt it. The film is about a demon that looks like a werewolf that is raised by an evil sorcerer in a small town and starts to murder everyone. The scenes I distinctly remember are one where the monster is trying to kill a Catholic priest but it can’t enter the church it is being stopped at the door but then after the priest slips up in his sermon the beast comes in a tears off his head. Another scene is a bunch of cops trying to shoot the monster and the beast is killing them all while the evil sorcerer laughs at them. I know that there is also some secret chest that may stop the monster. This movie has been on the edge of my mind for years. Thanks guys.

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