A movie where a little girl is ripped from her sister and has something done to her eyes

Okay, So I saw this movie more than once on an unmarked VHS tape when I was roughly around the age of 4 or 5, so perhaps in 2000 or 2001. But the tape belonged to my then around 15 year old sister, so the movie itself could be older than that, perhaps from the 90s. My memories of the movie are vague and dreamlike. A little girl (blonde? Maybe somewhere between the ages of 5 and 10?), is running in a hall, it almost looks hospital like, very sterile looking, and runs to her older sister (or mother?), and is holding onto her desperately, but is ripped away but these people whome she’s afraid of. They look like doctors or scientists maybe, very cold and sterile again, indifferent to her screams and cries as she’s ripped away from her sister. The little girl is flipping out trying to hold onto her sister but the older sister lets them take her. They take the little girl into this room where she’s laid (strapped?) down, and they try to do something to her eye(s) with a tool. The little girl is screaming and terrified, and I remembered being terrified  watching it. That’s all I remember, and many of the exact details are probably wrong, but if you know of any movie with a scene even vaguely familiar sounding to what I’ve described, please link it. This has been bugging me for years and even through talking to family members, I cannot figure out what this film is. Probably because I only sort-of remember one scene, but it has always stuck out in my mind and figuring out what it was would give me some weird form of closure since it traumatized me so much as a child. Thank you!

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    1. So, I just watch the whole film, and there wasn’t a scene like the one I described where a blonde child is ripped from a mother/sister figure and then has something done to her eyes. I can see where you thought this could have been the movie I was thinking of, since they did experiment on kids using brainwashing and eye-device things, but this wasn’t the movie I was looking for. Thank you though! It was a good movie nonetheless.

    1. So, I’ve just learned that there are allot of deleted scenes from disturbing behavior, that are only available to my knowledge on the DVD version. Apparently, some of them go more into the doctors experiments on his young blonde daughter. Have you seen the full length version, by any chance? Does a similar scene to what I’ve described exist in one of the cut scenes?

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