A movie I saw as a kid

Alright, I need help tracking down this movie, it’s been at least a decade since I saw this film but I still remember certain key scenes that may ring a bell for anyone whose familiar with the film.

but first, here are general facts:

  1. The movie is most likely from the early 2000’s
  2. I do not know the names of the actors/directors or anyone associated with the production of the film.
  3. I’m pretty sure it was well known in it’s time.
  4. This is definitely a real movie, not a sitcom, series. books, or something I dreamt.

Now here is the information I remember (the scenes I’m about to write are not necessarily in the chronological order of the events of the movie, I’m just laying everything I know on the table).

  1. There are two siblings (at least I remember them being siblings), a boy and an older sister. they both haven’t seen their dad in years, who went missing a long time ago.
  2. there was a black woman (not trying to be racist, I’m just trying to be generous with the information I know so the readers have a lead) who knows the two siblings and cares for them, she turns out to be a magical flying horse. and she takes them to another worlddimension.
  3. there is a part where the siblings find their father on a frozen world with blizzards and snow, he was apparently trapped there.
  4. there is a memorable scene where they are on the moon, or some other and there is a small town on it, it looks just like any suburban town, but the atmosphere is very cold, dark, eerie, and people barely go outside. there is a black car with men in suits and sunglasses driving by what appears to be a few teens shooting hoops in their front yard, however, no of them are smiling, or appear to be having any fun, in fact, all of them were completely calm and emotionless, the same as the men in suits (who apparently have some sort of control over the town).

That is all I remember, I guess the most important lead is the fact that there is a brother and a sister who find their lost father and the film involves elements of fantasy and science fiction.

I really hope someone sees this posts and has a clue on what film I’m talking about. Thank you in advance

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