A Movie I just can’t remember the name of

i remember watching this movie last on a tape (not CD), it was in an old TV (like basically a box) and it was about six, to maybe a max of nine years ago.  I don’t remember any actors’ names since I was little when I watched it.  It was in English.  I know it was definitely a movie, it wasn’t black and white but I remember the colors were just slightly weaker than modern movies.  The main star was this little girl, pretty sure she was blonde.  She either lived or helped to work at this five star hotel, her Nanny (or whoever took care of her) worked there so she had to just hang around there as well.  She made a ton of trouble: mostly she pulled pranks on the delivery boys, managers and every other employee but sometimes she pulled her little pranks on other people staying at the hotel.  There was a second plot about her mom leaving or always being away or something but I don’t remember it.  All I remember is that she made trouble, the hotel manager dude was very upset with her and kept threatening to fire the lady she was staying with (Nanny?).  The main story is that this little boy her age (he was Asian I think) comes to stay with his dad.  The girl meets him and they go around making trouble.  He says something one day about how he loves the stars, about how his mom (who we find out is dead) used to watch the stars with him.  She then sneaks him out and they ride in a carriage pulled by horses, they go to a planetarium and look at the stars there.  However the kid’s dad finds out he’s missing and absolute mayhem is raised.  In the end, the dad finds him in the planetarium with this girl.  He’s PISSED AS HELL and everyone’s mad at the little girl.  However the boy explains to his dad she was just letting him have fun.  The dad forgives her and bam, happy ending.  You find out in the end that the boy was a prince or some other important figure, and that’s why everyone freaked when he went missing.  I remember one scene in particular where the girl causes the man’s sheets to be dyed pink, everyone thinks he’s gonna flip but he ends up liking/being ok with it.  I can’t for the life of me recall any names of the characters or actors, it reminds me of movies like Matilda and marry poppins and all those.  Please, if anyone knows what movie this might be I’d appreciate it if you helped me out!  It’s from my early childhood and I want to rewatch it, I’ve been having flashbacks of watching it for some time.

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