A movie about a wife’s mental state

I saw this movie last year online it’s in English and I don’t know the title.The movie is about a wife’s mental breakdowns and how the husband is making it seem like she’s crazy.The husband is trying to but her in a mental hospital so he can sign off on her inheritance.The wife realizes it’s the medicine her husband is giving her that makes her have meltdowns.She finds out and in the end she makes it seem like the husband is crazy and puts him in the hospital…

7 thoughts on “A movie about a wife’s mental state

  1. Was it an old black and white movie? Could be Gaslight ( 1940 ) British version or 1944 U.S. Version. I’m not sure about the ending where the tables are turned on the husband though. The name of the film has become a psychological term ( “gaslighting” which is something narcissists and sociopaths do ).

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