A man cheats on his wife and murders her

I saw this movie around year 2002, and I am pretty sure it has been released late 90s, or early 2000s. I remember the following scenes from the movie:

  • A man is at home with his wife and the phone rings. He answers and speaks with a woman who is his secret lover. They show the woman laying on a couch naked, touching her breasts and arranging a meeting with the man. They hang up and the man lies to his wife about the conversation he just had (I don’t remember what he told her).
  • It is evening/night and the man and his lover are on the second floor of a house in a bed making love. At the same time, the wife enters the house and climbs the stairs to find the room in which is her husband. She has a pistol. She enters the room, they start arguing and get into a small fight in the bed. We hear a shot and it turns out the wife is dead (accidentally, the man didn’t want to kill her I believe).
  • Third scene I remember is the man and his lover are putting the dead body of his wife in a trunk of a car and go somewhere to dig a grave (but not completely sure about the last part, I only remember for sure putting the body in a trunk of a car).

The movie was in color, I saw it on TV, but it was certainly a movie. Also I am pretty sure it was a low-budget/low-rated production, because this channel usually played such movies.

I have been looking for this movie for more than 10 years, hopefully someone can help 🙂

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