A Home Invasion Scene

The only scene I remember from this movie (possible late 80’s or 90’s) is a young woman (not sure if she is a mother or a babysitter) telling a boy to go wash.

She then slicing some carrots with a blade. She was very nervous, probably expecting someone she know to break in when she was frightened by winds beating on window blind (wooden I think).  When she called the boy, there was no response. She walked over continue calling him and was frightened to find a man (someone she know) holding a knife against the boy.

The next scene shows the man tied them to chairs back to back while talking to the woman. He appears to be waiting for either her husband or some guy to return home. When they heard the sound, the man gagged the woman and the boy to keep them quiet. He may have gagged them before the guy he is waiting for to return. I cannot be certain.

The scene has been in my head for a long time. I have seen it on TV a long time ago. It also appeared on Youtube awhile back but it is gone now. I cannot be certain if it is from a movie or a TV episode or a TV movie.

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