A group of prisoners escape (possibly after a plane crash)

I watched this movie on Netflex instant about a year ago. The movie was probably released during the 2000’s, and it is most likely a Japanese or Korean film. I’m also pretty sure the movie has been removed from Netflex instant.

I think the film is about a man who desperately¬† wants to escape a prison so he can talk to a woman. I don’t remember how the man and woman are related or why he wants to talk to her.

While in prison, the man becomes friends with his cell mates and they try to escape the prison together. They fail to escape multiple times. One time, they try to escape by digging a tunnel out of their cell, but they are forced to move to a different cell before they can finish the tunnel. They are unable to dig out of their new cell, but I can’t remember why.

The prisoners’ escape plans continue to be thwarted until a plane crashes into a prison wall. The protagonist and his new friends easily escape during the chaos. The rest of the movie is about what the prisoners do after they escape.

The prisoners decide to stick together, and they don’t expect to remain free for long. They try to complete unfinished business before they are caught. Some of them get a chance to visit their families. They evade the police by hiding in a restaurant, and some of them wear women’s clothing for some reason. Eventually, the protagonist meets the woman he wanted to talk to, but I can’t remember what happens after that.

I hope my description is somewhat accurate. I might have imagined some of these details.

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  1. I found an archived post on reddit /tipofmytongue that is trying to identify the same movie. No one identified the movie, but the post does includes some details that I had forgotten.

    There was a gang in the movie that only used melee weapons because they didn’t know how to use guns. The gang goes to the woods to practice using guns. Someone fires a gun into the air and hits a jet fighter. Then the jet fighter crashes into the prison like I said in my original post.

    Here is a link to the full post on reddit. http://redd.it/1pih2q

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