A film about stealing (90x-2000x)

I’ve got very few details about the film, so it might be a tough one.

Should be a Hollywood film, but might as well be European technically. Released before ~2003. A team of thieves steals something from bank or something like that. I remember only 2 scenes from there:

  1. Rain, a male driver (I guess, one of the main characters) and his female partner in crime in a car. They drive in order to check how long would it take to get to the robbery place (for police).
  2. I remember even less here. During the robbery “electronic guy” replaces the video with pre-recorded one. And then something goes wrong, the security start seeing the actual video with thieves. Then the thieves somehow (I don’t quite remember) get that, fix, and… that’s it.

I actually remember one more scene, but I’m not quite sure whether it’s the same film or not. The thieves somehow start triggering motion detection alarm, the police comes, finds nothing, leaves, they trigger it again. Then, after a while, some cop in a police precinct, shouts to other cops: “Who hasn’t been __place__ yet??”

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