A film about a book, a mansion and a group of people

The film is already old, a group of American people went to have fun in the mansion, during the fun, one of the guys accidentally breaks through the wall “as far as I remember” in the bookcase and finds a strange book in the hole, he catches “halucinations” and goes to wash his eyes, after after he washed them, he raises his head in the mirror and sees black eyes in himself. AND HERE STARTS THE MEAT. There’s a hurricane outside and no one can leave the building until dawn. What is the essence of the film, whoever read this book becomes a killer, and the person who eliminates the killer will become a killer himself and such a vicious circle. but after many deaths of their friends, the heroes realized that it was necessary to injure the enemy, and when the killer dies, then the one who wounded him must kill himself (like this man cut his veins or throat) to break the circle, which happened (as far as I I remember the last killer was wounded with a fireplace poker). The circle was interrupted, and in the morning the main character burned the book while sitting on the steps of the mansion)

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