A mysterious race cars movie, please help me to find out

I watched on TV a long time back (maybe at least 15 years back, not sure), a movie about sport cars, I don’t remember precisely the complete story, but I remember that it started with a terrible accident in F1 race, the driver is dead. His brother, the movie hero, was very affected by his death, so he decided as tribute to his brother to get a sport car (it was not the DeLorean and strangely very similar) and jump over a Grand Canyon. The canyon was too far from his home, so he decided to make long travel on a big truck with the sport car inside the truck. It was an American movie, I am 100% sure of that, but the funny story about this movie is that it was broadcast and translated to arabic on the national Tunisian channel, which was very unusual until now. This movie reminds me so many memories, please help me find out the title pleaase 🙂

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