A family in an insane/gore neighborhood

I remember this movie that I saw around 99, but it looks like was made between 1980-1999, it was about a family moving into a new neighborhood and for some reason they end up freaking out and escaping from the house (or at least one of them, don’t remember) so turn on your car and while is driving by the street can see at your neighbors in whose gardens had bodies and body parts scattered and that seems like they just killed them, while the kids play as if that were the most normal thing, and everyone looks happy, that scene is what I can remember better.

Thank u!

7 thoughts on “A family in an insane/gore neighborhood

  1. “Nightmare at Noon”(1988)? A.K.A. Death Street USA
    Just guessing as I’ve not seen the whole movie.

    1. No, is not. The movie that I remember is more like typical family’s horror flick, not so violent as “Video Violence” or “Nightmare at Noon” looks like.

    1. No, it’s not :c the movie that I remember was more about the family being scared than the gore itself.

  2. I found it!
    “Terror Tract” (2000)

    It’s an anthology film starring John Ritter. Here is the full movie from YouTube. Your scene starts near the end at 1hr and 31 minutes:

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