A Controlling CEO Hires His Daughter’s Boyfriend To Work For Him Then Sleeps With An Asian Woman

My dad was watching a movie, and I saw bits of it and I really want to watch it.  I remember the antagonist was a really controlling CEO, and the hero was the boyfriend of the CEO’s daughter.  So the CEO flies the boyfriend to Singapore (I think) and then the CEO sleeps with an Asian woman (that maybe the daughter’s boyfriend was also sleeping with) and when the daughter’s boyfriend walks in on the Asian woman and the CEO in bed, the CEO tells him, “In feudal times, a feudal lord had the right to his vassals’ property, women, etc., so I needed to do this, it’s the only way I can trust you.”  The daughter’s boyfriend then attacks the CEO for sleeping with the Asian woman, and the CEO’s guards come in to the room and beat up the man.  I don’t know what happens after!  This movie looks like it may have been an 80’s movie, the outfits were very 80’s-like, business outfits.  The boyfriend was a very handsome business guy (white), classical features, long-ish, light hair, but business-style long, not rocker-long.  The girlfriend was also a white girl.  In one scene, the boyfriend and girlfriend are driving in a convertible and the boyfriend just met the CEO father and comments about how he’s all right, and the girlfriend makes a negative comment about how the CEO is not all right.  Help me find the name of the movie!

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