A Christmas film

I last watched this movie at least 10 years ago online. It is in colour in the English language. It was about this little girl who has low socioeconomic standing. She has brothers (can’t remember if she has sisters). Her dad used to work from house to house and didn’t get much pay.

She has a best friend named Lily who is rich. Her mom is a social climber and has been wanting her husband (who is much older) to get an invitation to a certain event. They have a phone line. The mom didn’t approve of Lily’s friend.

This little girl also has an aunt who owns a nut shop. She tries helping her dad earn some money by holding trays of nuts for people to sample outside.

There was a man who looked like Santa Claus who called this girl “Little Blue Bird” because of her blue coat that her mom sewed for her (donated by her aunt).

The mom rented a sewing machine from a company.

In the end, the girl found her dad a job at a chocolate factory.

Please, does anyone know or remember this movie? I’ve been searching for it for years and I can’t find it. Would love to watch it again as it was really engaging and good.

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