90s/80s sci-fi movie?

Okay, so this has been troubling me for years and years and years. This is one of my earliest memories (I would have been like 4 or 5), but this film I have memories of!

I only remember very little things – and it’s only the ending (I think).
I saw it mid 90s on TV. It could be a film, or a TV movie. I don’t think it was a TV Show though…
The almost-pointless things I remember are the following…

– Giant CGI creature (I think of a pharaoh like Dog?), is terrorsiing over Suburbia in America. It is stormy.
– There’s a family with a son (?) and for some reason, his mum is all that can beat this monster thing during a massive lightning storm.
SHe sacrifices herself and then …
– next thing I remember, she is in a wheelchair, paralysed (maybe at a sons football game). She can’t move, she doesn’t speak, she’s completely quadraplegic I think, but this is because she sacrificed herself.  So she beat the creature or whatever.
-I think it ended with them pushing her wheelchair to watch a football game for a high school match, I think…

Anyway that is all I actually remember. I dont think the CGI was fantastic, which makes me think TV movie but who knows. It’s also not something i remembered being an overly adult movie, like I think it was a kids film or a teen audience film. BUt the ending seems a bit dark for that.. .so I don’t know.

It was in English. It was American (suburbia i think). Colour. And it would be from the late 80s/early 90s I reckon.

Any help would be fantastic!!!!


2 thoughts on “90s/80s sci-fi movie?

  1. I never saw it and the entire movie is not on YouTube to check the ending, but I think it may be The Fury Within starring Ally Sheedy.

    When I first got here someone asked about a monster dog movie and they put the same question on another board. And they answered this one and the answer was accepted. But I have since found out it could have just as well been from their description another Ally Sheedy movie, The Haunting of Seacliff ,or maybe Man’s Best Friend. She sure has been in a lot of monster dog movies. But this question matches closest to The Fury Within.

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