90s underground alien movie

i remember this movie i saw when i was a kid with my father and sister, it was about this grouo of scientists or explorers, in a high tech, white lab type undergound(could be underwater) base, from the main cast i remeber there was a black fella, a caucasian guy with blue eyes, and a woman, amongst others, they somehow come across these lizardsih type alien or creature that could controll their brains or something b cause i remeber that tuose they thought to be infected, they could not trust and would lock up in cells with glass doors(theyre in a high tech facility), and these aliens at some point end up coming out of the hosts mouths. I remeber the movie ending with the blue eyed fella and the girl going up to the surface, and the movie hints that they where both infectted, because she says something like “just stay out of my way up there” and theres like something in their eyes that tells their ifected and the movie ends.

Poease help me find this movie id loge to see it again with my sister it was very iconic for us for it scared/scarred her and my dad made fun alot about the aliens coming out from the mouth using the head of a rubber t-rex i had as a child.

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