90s movie cop gets throat slashed

Hi everyone. I recall a scene I saw as a kid, perhaps about 15 years ago. It was an American movie most likely from the 1990s.

In that scene, a police officer arrested two black young men who, I think, were mugging a middle-aged man, possibly a bit old. I don’t remember exactly whether he was being mugged. Anyway, the policeman had the man get in the police car and sit down. Then, when he turned his back on him to speak on the radio, the man, who I remember as looking pretty squalid and harmless, totally slashed the policeman’s throat and grabbed him by the head to cover his mouth and prevent him from screaming. The cop banged the car window from inside and finally died. The two black men ran away

In the next scene I think the murderer was with his boss, a mobster, I suppose, who told him off for killing the cop, or something like that.

I don’t think I saw the whole movie, just the first minutes.

Thanks in advance.

3 thoughts on “90s movie cop gets throat slashed

  1. Did you ever find the name of this movie? Recall seeing the scene myself but cannot place the name of the movie. There was a similar scene where it was a woman who slashed the cop’s throat and left him to die in his patrol car. Again, wished I remember the movie name.

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