90’s early 2000’s horror/thriller, Good luck!

I have been trying to figure this movie out for years! It is not a great description but it is all I remember and all I saw of it. I would also know it if I watched it now. Good luck!

It’s a horror/thriller movie from the mid to late 90s, maybe early 2000’s. I only saw the opening as I was too young to watch the rest, but old enough to remember. My parents can not remember what movie it is.

Starts out with a car driving by a pretty cliffside, in what looks like a nice more rural (maybe east coast) area. Then It goes to the couple who were driving at their new house (bigger house). The next few scenes the women was unpacking and cleaning up, she goes to an upstairs floor and finds that one of the rooms is locked. When the man gets home she tells him about it, and he says he’ll have to ask the realtor about it.

Last/next scene I remember is the man(husband maybe?) talking to this kind of creepy realtor, who seemed hesitant to hand over the key to the upstairs bedroom.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know!!!

4 thoughts on “90’s early 2000’s horror/thriller, Good luck!

    1. I went back and watched this movie from the beginning. I had previously watched it from my own research into what movie it could be.

      Sadly I do not think it’s that movie. The opening was a zoomed out view of the driving. I do not remember a kid being involved, and overall the quality of the film was newer.

      I am going to have ask my parents if they saw this movie though.

    1. No that movie came out too late. Plus i’ve seen that movie and the beginning is not the same. I would say this movie was made before 2003. Thanks though!

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