90s – early 2000s film set in the ‘wild west’

I’m trying to find the name of a film I saw as a kid. I remember the following points from the film.

  • 12-14 year-old boy lives on a farm with his mother and older brother.
  • He is best friends with a native american boy whose mother works on the farm.
  • The protagonist is rebellious and in a scene recklessly drives a wagon (for some reason) around. His friend does gets in the way to save him and is killed.
  • Feeling guilty, the main character runs from home and ends up captured by a native american tribe.
  • They often call him ‘crier’ and he can speak some of their language because his friend taught him.
  • At the end of the movie he finds his way back home a few years later when he’s around 17-19.
  • His older brother at first threatens hims, but soon recognises him.
  • When the main character is older, around 30, he returns to the tribe to visit the grave of an old woman who took care of him.

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